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Hello dear blogreaders, how are you all doing today?
So about a week ago I went to the city of romance, chanel and art (also known as paris) with my school. And it was amazing.
I'm going to tell you a little bit about my trip (just some quick highlights, otherwise this post will be over a billion words.) I hope you enjoy!

Day 1:
So the first day we had to get on the bus in Amsterdam, and after a really long trip with lots of laughing, eating and annoying our bus driver and people who were trying to sleep with a giant stuffed giraffe (I know I can be so random sometimes) we were finally there. Our hotel hotel Luxia (wich as the name may suggest otherwise is anything from expensive and luxurious, however for 32,50 we got a nice and reasonably clean hotel which wasn't completely falling apart yet) anyway, Our hotel was set in the neighbourhood called Montmartre. which is right beneath the sacre coeur. Montmartre is best comparable with Amsterdam west or Brooklyn. after dropping our suitcases we got on the bus again for a quick tour trough Paris's highlights, we got out at the Louvre which looked amazing with the sun all shining on it. and walked trough the park called Tuileries trough the Champs Elysees, where we (or, not me just the lucky people who were a little taller then 5 foot) saw Brad Pitt. So after grabbing a bite at the Champs Elysees we took some pictiures of the Arc the triomph (with a gorges sunset) and we got back to Momartre to see the moulin rouge. (If you have seen the movie you should really see the moulin rouge it is really cool)

Day 2:
We started our day with fresh croissants en went to a really boring museum about.... well I forgot (that's how boring it was) the neighbourhood had some fun shops and the weather was really nice tough. so me and my friend spend most of the morning sitting in a park and buying eye shadow. After lunch we took the Metropolitan (which is French for subway, If you hadn't noticed) to le galleria de la Fayette (or, we tried to take the subway and after going back and forth for about 6 times we actually succeeded.) The gallery was gorgeous and after some shopping we went to the roof to enjoy the sun and the really pretty view you get there. after that we walked all the way to Sorbonne (which is close to the Notre dame) and got something to eat. after that we went on a so called "light tour" it was supposed to be dark so you could see al the lights of the city, but it was June and eight PM so.... well,  we still got to see a lot of paris tough and it was really pretty.

Day 3:
Today we started in the Louvre, Were I saw the Mona Lisa, The Venus of Milo and a really awesome statue of a guy with a baseball bat. But the most impressive thing was the Museum (or Palace) itself. It was decorated with gold, paintings and marble (and lots of other materials too.)  after the Louvre we went to the Eiffel tower, and went all the way to the second floor (don't get me wrong, second floor Eiffel tower is like 8th or 10th floor of a regular building) with the stairs! after seeing a great view of Paris (sadly without the eiffel tower) we got dropped. We were supposed to follow instructions on a paper but: to hell with the paper we tought! and so we walked all the way from the Eiffel tower, to the Champs Elysees (and went shopping at abercrombie and other cool stores) and then from the Champs Elysees to the Hardrock CafĂ© in paris. (which is about 2 miles we walked in 10 minutes.) But it was all okay becouse the Hard rock Cafe was really Epicly cool and awesome! So after that we decided to take the subway to the place we had to gather after the dropping. We had a little incident of a certain boy scout purpously leading us the wrong way (not saying any names....) But after 2 hours of extra walking we got on the place of destination were we grabbed some pizza and went to the sacre Cour were we chilled out in the park and could listen to some amazing live music.

Day 4:
Today was a really amazing day, we went to DISNEYLAND!!! OW YEAAHHH and we had a lot of fun in the roller coasters and in the "its a small world after all" attraction, I also got to meet Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck! How cool is that?! The weather was amazing and I think I gained about a billion more freckles today. which is a good thing. 
after Disneyland we went back to the Sacre Couer for dinner with live music and a last chill at the park with more live music and a view of paris by night.

Day 5:
Today was the last day! (cryface) We had to pack all our bags and put them in the bus. then we drove to versailles to go into the palace. but sadly It was so buisy that the rows were longer then those at Abercrombie (just kidding abercrombie doens has rows any more) But you had to wait for about 3 hours before you could actually get into versailles so all we did was go to the gardens. which were pretty cool too. but I would have loved to see versailles from inside as well (something to keep on my bucket list)
After hanging in the garden for about 2 hours we went back in the bus to Amsterdam. were we had a lot of fun again, Now the Stuffed Giraffe (He is called Henk, by the way) was suddenly really popular and everyone wanted to take a picture with him! 

So I've had some amazing days in paris! I hope you guys liked this post, please leave a comment with what is on your Bucket list! and don't forget to share

P.S for a full report of Henk's (the stuffed giraffe) Adventures in paris, please go to My best friends blog

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