vrijdag 19 april 2013

Broken computer :(

Hello dear bloggers,
I have a really sad message. A few hours ago I opened my laptop to post, but instead of the usual "welcome, please type your password" screen, all I got were orange and white stripes! I tried everything to make it come back to life, I called everyone I knew from the helpservice to some computernerds I know (no offence, I really like them) but nothing worked! And the worst part is that my laptop contained over a month of posts, looks and pictures! All gone now! :'(
I will try to find a solution for blogging, I can try to blog from my phone or maybe use my dad's Ipad. But all I know is that all my documents will be gone for good!
I am really sorry!
And becouse I'm an ethernal optimist, here are some happy pictures from my phone!
I love you all! I hope I can get back to blogging very soon!

donderdag 18 april 2013

Flower Power!

Today I have an all new look for you.
This look is great for spring, becouse it has cute flowery details and I combined it with a sweater so It will keep you warm. the little collars is really cute and makes it more girly!

So, I think this look pretty much says it all, I don't really have anything more to say :)
What is you're favourite spring outfit? please leave a comment!
and don't forget to share :) I love you all!

dinsdag 16 april 2013

Red Look


Hi everyone!
Today I had to do a lot for school. but Luckely I had some time to make a look for you.
For this look I was inspired by matching really badass and edgy things with some really cute and girly things. I like to do this to give my look a little balance. This look is great for everyday.

So in case you wondered, the title of this look is ofcourse inspired by taylor swifts album and song: Red 

For more looks like these please check out my Lookbook

zondag 14 april 2013

It's a Cali thing

so, today whe've had another really sunny day in the netherlands. and for most of my outfits this week I was really inspired by the laid back style of california. I just love the palms, the beach, the surfing and the people! (even though, I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I've never been in california)
So these looks are really hippie and beachy, I hope you like it!

1. Flip flops
2. white and blue dress
3. sweater
4. bikinitop
5. Shorts
6. bracelet
7. shirt
8. Tanktop
9. jeans

I hope you can all enjoy spring as much as I do!
here is another look from my lookbook for you!

I hope you liked it! what was your best vacation ever? please leave a comment!
If you want to see more looks, check me out on Lookbook
before I go, the most scary thing happened to me and my friend, and I will tell you: DONT MESS WITH GHOST! I'm not going to tell you what happened but you can read it all on her blog
Thank you for stopping by! have a great day!

vrijdag 12 april 2013

Twinkle twinkle little star....

Hello everyone,
I'm sorry but don't have that much time, I have a cheer preformance and my friend is coming over for dinner. But becouse I love all of you my readers soo much I'm just doing a quick post!
Sooo hooray! it is friday!!!! and what better way to end friday then with a party? You know those fancy dinner partys you go to when it is someone's birthday, and you barely know them but want to go becouse you get to wear a cool dress or skirt? well, I do! and so I've put together a look for a party just like that!
I hope you'll like it!

Soo, as you can see I combined my lace skirt with a tailord jacked an burgondy red sweater, the skirt and sweater are from abercrombie. the jacket is from mango.

I'm so sorry I uploaded this so late, I just got back from my cheer preformance. (it took a little longer than planned) But I hope you like it!
before I stop I have a last question: I noticed that more than 60 percent of my vieuwers is from the netherlands, should I post more (or all my) blogs in dutch? or would you rather had it stayed in english?
please leave a comment, I'd really like to know you're oppinion!
I love you all

woensdag 10 april 2013

My favourites

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to show you some of my all time favourite brands, products, songs, movies, shows, places, exhibitions and go on! so you will see a lot of things you can buy, read, watch, wear, smell ect.

1. wear vintage floral dresses

Floral dresses, in spring? you'll say. and yeah, I know it is not totaly refreshing, but who can resist a vintage flowery dress? Like this one from anthropologie, you can buy more floral dresses at stores like

Anthropologie the most gorgeous dresses, most of them are vintage styleish (a lá dianna agron in glee)

warehouse has pretty and well taylored dresses, really good for more petite girls (like me)

-free people is more of a hippie sort of shop, if you love the sweet little girly laid back style. (a lá: ashley tisdale in hellcats)

2. Buy rituals makeup
they say there makeup contains minerals and even gems. Something aniant farao's in egypt used to do too. but I wont bore you with a history class. This makeup is just great for everyone with fair skin, looking for some natural makeup. Their powders and foundations fit almost every skintone, and their mascara's give you about a thousand lashes and stays on all day!

Rituals makeup

3. Watch the great gatsby

For all of you who haven't red the book, or say you red it while you actually didn't....  or just red it in thought it was amazing (like me... nerd i know) anyway. this movie is a little like moulin rouge (with the surrealistic vieuws and random flashforwards and flahsbacks)

4. Go to the jean paul gaultier exhibition
the fashion world of Jean paul gaultier Features over 140 years old original creations of Jean Paul, from the early seventies till now, You can see things from  his prét á porter collection and Coutureworks. you can even see Pieces he made for Madonna and Pedro almodovar. this exhibition is (lucky for me) displayed in the rotterdam kunsthal!
Jean paul gaultier in Rotterdam

5. eat sushi
From the assambly line sushi at yo! sushi, to the more expensive version in japanese resteurants, this little in seaweed rolled fish and rice take over the world! it is one of those foods that taste amazing without the calories of a chocolate bar or a bag of chips!

Those are all my favourites for now, I have to get back to school... ugh :( But I hope you guys liked it! have a great (hopefully homeworkless) wensday!

maandag 8 april 2013

Vintage varsity wear

hello dear bloggers!
So, If you know me, you know I am a cheerleader. And I am OBSESSED with everything cheer related (I think it is pretty safe to say every cheerleader is)
And this is excatly why I am in love with this new trend I've spotted!
Vintage varsity wear! You know what I mean? those big sweathers with embroired megaphone... Still no? think sandy in grease :)
So for those of you who are intrested in this new superstylish yet comfy trend, I've put together some of the best vintage Sportssweaters, and all things that go with it.

 You can mix and match these vintage sweaters with almost everything, From exteremly vintage wide over the knee skirts, to really tight jeans. still I would recommend staying away from really loose jeans or slobby pants. for those of you who really have the guts: put a big bow on you're head!

1.Pink striped Cardigain
2. CheerBow
3.Chiefs! jacket
4.Give me a H! sweater
5.Burgondy sweater with a hood
6.Pom girl sweater

Do you really want an original? take a look at website's like ebay and etsy!
for those of you who really want to see it, a couple of photo's of my cheerleading clothes and stunts!


So........ yeah, for all of those of you who wonder, I cheer at dutch lions cheerleading :)
Before I go, I have one very important thing I have to say:
It is the blog of my best friend, She posts all sorts of deep story's and they are really amazing and touching and I think everyone can relate to them!
she's an amazing girl and really new on blogger so please go check her out!
thank you so much, If  you have any note's or questions, please leave a comment!
I love all my readers, I wish you a really great monday!

zondag 7 april 2013

Hotspots and Pictures Milan

Hi bloggers,
I've had a great sunday, and what better way to finish it with some blogging!
So, Milan! a great and sunny city with some amazing culture, food and ofcourse amazing shopping places!
Here are some of my fave hotspots I discouverd last summer in Milan.

1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
This wel known gallary is a must see for everyone in Milan. It has an amazing desig and has the best and most fashionable couture shops and glossy restaurants!

More information about the gallary, Click here!

2. La rinascente
The world's greatest shopping whalhalla! (or, second greatest after bloomingdales)
This store is really luxurious and has everything for the real shopper!
La rinascente's website

3. Via della Spiga
I mean, do I have to say more?

 For more Ideas, here are some pictures from other great places in milan!
Dior!! <3

The roof of the Galleria
All those shoes!

I hope you all get inspired and want to go to milan.
Have a great sunday (or a great 1 hour of sunday, if you live in the Netherlands)
I love you all!

Childish is the new grown up!

The intern diaries

hello sweet bloggers and blogreaders, I hope you all have had a great friday so far :)
about a month ago I had an internship (most schools in the Netherlands want every student to do an internship, since it "helps you prepare for you're future") 
So I, being obsessd with fashion and style desperatly wanted a fashion internship. and believe me, it is really hard to find a fashion buisniss that takes interns for only one week. but luckely I could do my internship at a really cute DIY fashion magazine called "knipmode" (translated: sewing fashion)
I had an amazing week. I had to work quite hard and learnt a lot. 
here are some photo's from my internship

"het stoffenhok" the place were they kept all the fabrics

Being an intern
Being a fashion intern is definitly really hard work, The compagny were I did my internship was quite small and therefore I really got to know everyone within the week. I really liked being in a small compagny becouse you got to do a lot of different jobs.

For more information about the magazine, or to just look into it or order one of their patterns click here!

I would reccomend everyone who is looking for a Future in the fasion Internship to do an internship in fashion. You gain a lot of experience and it looks great on you're resume or college aplication!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great friday and have fun tonight
Byee xxx

donderdag 4 april 2013

Hotspots in london

It can get quite stormy in London
I've been to London quite a few times and it is one of the most fun city's, definitly if your'e into shopping and fashion! It has basicly every store for every style! so here is a list of my must see's in London. Some of them as obvious as regent street and other hid away coffeeshops and cute little stores!

1. Regent street.
This amazing street as all sorts of shops, café's and restaurants And it is also a lot of fun to vieuw the people shopping (they usually have great style)
Regent streets' website

2. The Brittish museum
An amazing museum if you are into culture. If you are not into culture you should also visit it and have a High thea in the museum's resteurant. Like most of the museums in London, the Brittish museum is free
Brittish museum website

3. Westfield Shopping center
One of the biggest shopping centers in londen, and definitly the best one if you ask me. this Mall has everything a fashionisa needs to spend an entire day! (or more.) The mall has all sorts of fashion shops (from Couture to cheap streetwear.) a lot of cafés and places to eat, and a lot of stands for hair, makeup and nails. Westfield's website

4. Yo! Sushi
Sushi from an assembly line! This place has the most tasty sushi, and you can all get it from an assembly line. after you ate you get charched for the plates you used. (different colourd plates have differnt prices) a great place for every sushi lover! for their restaurants check out Yo! Sushi's website

5. Anthropologie Store 

The anthropologie store has the prettiest dresses and skirts, you can see them on quinn from glee a lot. I love their vintage nature-ish vibe and their stores are really a experience! for shops, go to: the anthropologie website

London is a great city to just walk around and experience a lot of things! You can have lunch in one of the many lunchrooms, or buy a sandwich and eat it in one of their parks. most museums are free, and you will have a great shopping experience. the only downside to London is that it (almost) always rains, so don't expect any heatwaves and bring an umbrella!
I hope you will go there :) 

Horseguards next to the royal palace

woensdag 3 april 2013

On the road

How to dress down a dress

Hi gys and girls.... mostly girls I guess :D
How are y'all today?
I'm having a great start at spring! it has been sunny for over a week now (almost a record time in the Netherlands!!! Alert the media!) so this is a great upportunity to talk about skirts and dresses!
In the netherlands whe have something and it's called "rokjesdag" (littarly translated: skirtsday.)
"rokjesdag" is the first day of the year when it is sunny and warm and for some reason a lot of women decide to put on a dress or skirt that day. So with the weather being what it is, "rokjesdag" is around the corner.
However, most of us have school and are worried a skirt or dress is too dressy for school. Wich is SO NOT TRUE!
I mean I'm not saying you should wear a ballgown for school, but skirts and dresses can be just as casual as jeans. as long as you know what to pair it with!
so here are some ways to wear your skirts or dresses without making it too overdressed:

Pair a pencil skirt with a big comfy sweater or other oversised knitwear with a short lace skirt. to finish it all of: slip into a pair of nude heels and grap a basic brown leather bag.

1. Knitted sweater
2. Brown fossil bag
3. Nude heel
4. lace skirt

Time to steal your boyfriends shirts!!!! this is a trend I saw a lot in istanbul, basicly you just put on an oversized shirt then give it some shape with a belt and finish of with some edgy boots! no worry if the shirt is too short, just ad a simple back skirt!

1. studded belt
2. artsy belt
3. funky boots
4. my boyfriends ralph lauren shirt <3
5. little basic black skirt

a denim jacket is a great way to make under a classy dress. BUT make shure the jacket is tailord really wel! warehouse has great tailord jackets (and dresses too) for really smal people like me :)
( warehouse.com )

1. Anthropologie dress
2. light denim jacket
3. Cutest flats ever!

so for today I also made my own downdressed skirt look!
So, I matched a lace skirt with a denim jacket and a flowerish scarf, I added converse shoes instead of heels cause I felt they made the look a little less adult and a little more playfull
I hope you have a great spring! thanks for stopping by my blog! for more looks please check out my lookbook
If you have any suggestions, or anything else to say feel welcome to leave a comment!
byee xxxxx

dinsdag 2 april 2013

Shoes are boring, wear sneakers!

Hi evereyone, sorry for the long time no see. I was so busy with school and everything I barely had time to take photos.
the other reason why I haven't been posting becouse I was soooo winterdepressed.... the constant rain dripping down the window and freezing cold made it impossible to make some proper photo's with proper clothing... I've basicly been wearing really big sweaters and (don't judge it was REALLY cold) a pair of worn out uggs

but I'm back and it has been kinda sunny, and about 7 degrees. So with my new bought White converse all stars, and a leather jacket I conquered the cold and started making photo's!

So, I paired my white Converse with a pair of basic hollister jeans, a blue tanktop and a leather jacket I baught in new york 2 years ago.

So becouse I have like no shoulders (figuratively speaking) a big jacket is a great way to give yourself a little shoulder shape :P

 Dear diary.......
I don't only keep a blog but also a diary. It's a great way to keep your memories and sort out your feelings. plus becouse of "the vampire diaries" keeping a diary is totaly hot!

 you can buy all these products
1. blue top and jeans both from: Hollister
2. the jacket is not for sale anymore :(
3. Converse All star shoes in every sneaker store near you

do you want to see more looks? 

Please comment, do you want to see more of these looks + some fashion tips, or Would you want me to go back te my old blogging style?

I love you all, I hope you had a great starting of spring