zaterdag 28 september 2013

Reasons to love Autumn

Hey there,
So it is fall! (or Autumn as the british say) and I have been super busy with school and something else which I will keep a secret for now.
right now the sun is shining and I'm drinking a cup of hot cocoa, the perfect time to tell you all about the reasons why you should love Autumn

1. sweather weather!
2. It isn't winter... yet
3. hot cocoa
4. tea
5. thanksgiving
6. pumpkins
7. personally, I believe fall is the best fashion season
8. sunset
9. you are allowed to wear socks
10. halloween
11. bonfires
12. red hair looks awesome in autumn
13. hiking in the forest is fun
14. terracotta powder
15. cuddling on the couch
16. it gets dark early so you can hang lights in the garden which will look awesome
17. the colour red
18. candles
19. cinnamon
20. cold enough to layer, warm enough to still wear skirts
21. homecoming
22. smores
23. apple cider
24. harvest moon
25. Ed sheeran, Ron Pope and other awesome autumny singers

zondag 25 augustus 2013

Room tour

Hi dear readers, Todays post is brought to you by me being to busy to actually making a real post, and finally finding out how to make a slideshow. So who wants to see my room (or at least the nice creative decent parts of it) I got most of my inspiration from this room from teen vogue and flow (for more details see My post about inspiration ) So I won't be able to tell you where I got my things, cause most of them are vintage, or homemade. So what do you think? if you've found it an inspiration please let me know in a comment. and please share this post with everyone you know! or just those who you feel like are worth sharing this with. I love you all for reading my posts. xxx p.s. so this was my first real post fully in HTML, which posts do you prefer? the HTML ones or the ready-made-by-blogger-ones? let me know in the comments below p.p.s. That rimed!

vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Good reads

Hey everyone!
so today I want to talk about books, (guess the title and picture already gave that one away)
Personally I love reading, and summer break is my time to catch up with the books (during school I don't have time to read that much and sometimes I have to forbid myself to read since I get lost in a book within seconds)
But I've been reading a lot lately and I just felt like sharing my  latest best reads with you guys.
( These books are just in random order since I can not pick one that is the best)

the perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
So before the movie , there actually was a book. and I'm not going to lie to you guys I've seen the movie before I red the book but it was still one of the best books I've ever read, I liked how the things happening in the book where pretty simple  (there were no demons or crazy killing wizards without noses and stuff) but it was really down to earth yet so interesting to read. I recommend it to anyone, even to those who don't like reading.

City of bones by Cassandra Clare
I've got no clue how I started out reading this but once I started I didn't know how to stop, I actually red this book and the second book in this series my first week in italy, and it was a miracle since I also maintained a social life with my fellow camping people and did tons of other stuff
anyways, the books is really good, the dialogues are so hilarious! and it made me randomly burst into laughter quite a few times, it also makes me think way too much, the movie is almost out and I CAN NOT WAIT! if you have not red this book, I can see this is going to be the next big thing (think twilight big) so go pick it up and read this awesome book!

 A clockwork orange by Anthony Burgess
This is a really old book, Definitly not the young adult stuff I am used to reading. but it is about a group of.... youngish people so it's easier to read than reading about people who are old. it contains a lot of antidotes and other cool stuff and it really makes you think, and I like books that make me think
 The selection by Kiera cass
So I started out reading this book becouse of the pretty cover, thinking... okay the selection. let me give you a try. and then a couple of seconds later.... the selection was finished! I swear this book is the shortest book I've ever read in my life... and it is looks decent size it actually has 272 pages, but this book is so well written you finish it in no time. the story is great, I can best describe it as a more girly and romantic less evil version of the hunger games.
If you like girly stories this is definitly something you must read
 Girl interrupted by susanna kaysen
So this is another book that not that many people have red, the main character in this book is a girl who is crazy. and as a reader you start to live with the main character and personally I found myself getting a little crazy after a while.
It's a really cool book and it is not so huge, so you will finish it in a couple of days. this also really made me think.

Wither by Lauren destafano
another YA book, this book started out really interesting and it kept shocking me throughout the entire book, but there were also some really boring parts in it but after all the story was really cool, Sometimes I wonder how crazy lauren destafano must be to think about this creepy stuff.

Okay so there you have my best reads, for those of you who wonder why there is no Hunger games, Twilight or Harry potter in here, I wanted to show you some books that most of you have not red and if you haven't red twilight or the hunger games... you must have been living under a stone for the past couple of years. as for Harry Potter, Everyone has red Harry freekin Potter!
with that having said I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Polandbananabooks, She really has inspired me to read more books and her videos are just so entertaining and funny. It really helps to know that there is someone out there who is more crazy about books than me!
Thank you all for reading my blog, feel free to comment and please share this via post twitter, facebook, skype, tumblr, instagram, path, talking, whatsapp, calling, texts, or any other communication system you can come up with. it would mean the world to me!

donderdag 22 augustus 2013

where to find inspiration + best inspirational website's

Hey everyone!
I am really sorry I have not posted in a long while! I've just not had the motivation and I did not feel like blogging.
But now I do so let's get to it!
Today I want to write a little about were I find My inspiration, since I've been really busy with finding inspiration lately.
So I am one of those people who says that inspiration is everywhere, but in some places I can find more inspiration than others
 So to get started I will give you my top 7 Inspirational website's, this is where I get most of my fashion, living and food inspiration

1. Etsy, this site is filled with cute handmade or vintage art, clothing and what more, the best place to find inspiration and buy cute one of a kind stuff
2. Weheartit The more creative version of instagram, less selfies and more high quality inspiration pics.
3. Anthropologie also happens to be my favourite clothing brand. super unique pieces and really cute and smart living ideas.
4. Teen vogue, really handy for teenagers. here you can find beauty, fashion and lifestyle inspiration and tips.
5. Lookbook is where everyone who is anyone in the fashion blogging world posts his/her looks. a great place to find inspiration or try to post some looks yourself
6. Flow is the website of a dutch magazine with all sorts of creative ideas, for my readers who can't read dutch: no worries, most of the articles are in english anyway and pictures don't have a particular language.

Besides those websites there are other ways to find inspiration
I find most of my fashion inspiration trough:
- Tv series; Pretty Little liars is my number one fashion series, (I like Spencers style the most) but I also get inspiration from series like: Gossip girl, the vampire diaries, The carry diaries, hellcats... pretty much everey CW series.
- Teen vogue, Vogue, Vogue UK, Vogue NL, Elle, and every other high fashion magazine you can come up with
- Catalogues of fashion brands, mostly expensive warehouses give out magazines
- websites of brands I like, most of them have a lookbook, like: Abercrombie, Anthropologie, Sam friday, Hollister, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger
- website's with vintage clothing
- On the street, I usually go sit in a bench next to the street in amsterdam and just peoplewatch :)

Other inspiration like inspiration for art and my room I find in:
- Books, this may sound strange but most books set a mood. this mood I can use in a moodboard and turn it into a great inspiration
- second hand and artsy website's
- Travel magazine's
- living magazine's
- walking trough the Ikea (if you are a european you will know what i mean)
- houses of friends and family
- houses of the kids I'm babysitting, or of my neighbours
- flow,  a dutch magazine

Please feel free to comment and share! I love you all!

zaterdag 6 juli 2013

Summer update (Camping packing tips)

Hey everyone
long time no see I know :$ but I was so busy with tests from school and when school had finally ended about a week ago I was overthrown with BBQ's, Parties and movies with friends who all wanted to celebrate.... well something. But anyway I'm back!! for about 3 days, then I'm off to Italy!!! YAY! can't wait! I'm going to try to update regularly and maybe make a vlog (but I'm not shure, vlogging isn't one of my strongest suits)

I don't like tents

So on Tuesday I will get on a plain to Milan, from there me and my family will rent a car and drive to the beautiful garde lake and the little old town caled Torbone (or Torbole or something like that) where my Camping advendure will begin. Now I've been Camping for ever since I can remember and when I got to an age where looks started to matter to me, I've found out that camping and looking good don't really go togheter. But for all of you who are stuck in a tent for the summer days and still want to look pretty presentable I've got some tips I've gathered over the years

1. If you have light coloured lashes like me, dye them. you won't have to wear mascara and will still have visible lashes! Plus, dyed lashes are of course waterproof and therefore stay on all day and night. however if you have dark lashes, dying your lashes will be completely useless since dying will only make them darker and not full or long or curled
Eyelash dye starter kit (local grocery store)

2. Dry shampoo! please bring it! we all know how gross those little camping showers can be and how fast your hairs suddenly becomes fat while on vacation. Dry shampoo is the solution! It will not only make your hair appear cleaner but will also give it a good smell and lots of volume.

3. Even tough I love summer dresses, don't forget to pack a pair of shorts. They can come in pretty handy if you decide to do round-off back handsprings on the grass

4. SHOES SHOES SHOES! pack as many of them as you can carry! I usually bring:
- a pair of leather (abercrombie) flip flops or sandals
- a pair of rubber flip flops for beaches and swimming
- a pair of converse all stars
- a pair of solid sneakers or hiking shoes
- a pair of sledge heels (for city's and parties)
And I usually wear all of them a lot

Backback (hollister)
5. Lucky for us the backpacks are all the rage again, I have some sort of bouhimian army leatherish kinda backpack but any backpack will be great for hiking and nature realeted things, however if you go to a city I would recommend bringing a simple handbag, mountain goats don't steal your money, pickpockets do.

BB cream (Clinique)

6. BB cream, thank you god for the invention of BB cream! it is so
amazing! and for those camping days it is definitely what you will need, a light coverage, SPF and it wont sweat off like foundation sometimes does

7. Just go with it, after a few days of camping pretty much everyone will be like, screw this! I'm just going to walk around looking like absolute crap. if your hair is messy, make it more messy and call it beachy waves. try to go with your natural beauty as much as you can and it will all be alright

well, those are just some tips i've got for you! please leave a comment with where you are going this summer and what your best camping beauty tip is!
I hope to see you soon!

P.S thank god for the great save system blogger has, while I was inserting my pictures my internet suddenly decided to shut down but luckily my post wasn't lost!

donderdag 20 juni 2013

My experience with cheerleading in the netherlands (cheerleaden in nederland)

So as some of you guys may know, I'm a cheerleader! 
So I took this post upon myself to tell you a little bit about cheerleading. (wich has been officially recocnised as a sport since half may)

Cheerleading in the netherlands isn't popular at all, and gets confused with pompom dancing a lot (pompom dancing, as the name says, is dancing with pompoms)
When I started cheerleading about a year ago I had no idea what to expect, to be honest I tought that my squad was the only one in the netherlands. as it turned out to be there are about six or seven other squads competing in the netherlands, and it is growing every year. anyway enough with the boring statistics. 
So a cheerleading routine consists of stunting, dancing and tumbling. stunting is my favourite part since I'm a flyer which means I get tossed into the air. which is scary but still a lot of fun :)
So last sunday was the second big national competition in Utrecht, My squad and I got second place so I'm proud of my team. after the award ceremony there was a 5 hour workshop in which we learned a lot of stunts, our coach was a scottish guy from SCOcheer. 

Well, I've learned a lot in my year of cheerleading. I'm just wondering what on earth I'm going to do in summer break becouse I don't think I will survive six to eight weeks of no cheerleading. 

Do you have any questions or do you want to cheer but don't know where to begin? please leave a comment!

P.S. you may have noticed that my posts are not only about fashion anymore. also the name of my blog has changed, this is becouse I wanted to post a little bit bore about my own life and a little less about fashion. I'm still going to post about fashion tough but just changing it up with some lifestyle