dinsdag 26 juni 2012

sorry for the 2-months-no-write + summer and more

heey everyone
I haven't written in ages I know but! (and I know ya'll go thinking, please no excuse but I wont listen)
I was so busy and the times that I wasn't I just could find any inspirations, I mean it was cold, rainy and I had school...
so yeah, I was inspirationless and would you rather have a blog that goes like this;
'hey i could find any inspiration today so lets talk about nothing yaaay blahblahlblah"
it could have been worse!
but now I'm back (and sitting in the backyard enyoing sun) I am filled with inspiration
lets start with summer beauty
err saw a spider, sorry
but beauty!
this summer it is all about light and maybe also about natural (okay, every summer contains ligh colours and natural things) but anyway I've put together some thing for you that are perfect for summer hair and makeup, they will stay on all day (yeah also if you go surfing or hiking)

1.bronzing powder
2.sourcy vitamin water
3.gilly hicks lip balm
5.eyeshadow that stays on all day
6.no matter the weather, this mascara stays on
7.skincream, sunscream and foundation
8.go blonder
9. sunscream cant miss
so that was it for now! i HOPE  to write againt tomorrow but I cant promise a thing
leave a comment with what you wil be doing this summer
love yall

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