dinsdag 15 mei 2012

cheap or classy?

dear readers,
OMG I AM SO VERRY SORRY!!! i know i havent written and i should...
a thousand times sorry, but i was so busy
i know that is no excuse so let me make it up!

I know that many of you would love to walk around in an expensive burberry trenchcoat, chanel dress, jimmy choo heels.... ect. ect.
but I also know that not many of you have the mony to spend to walk around in those brands.
so I've put together a outfit that may look like they had cost a million dollar but they didn't!
(the prices are in pound, wich is worth a little more than one dollar)

total of the outfit:
1.gold knot earrings (2 pound)
2.gold tone heart necklace (3 pound)
3.two pastel bracelts (6 pound)
4.coral peep-toe's (40 pound)
5. pink lace skirt (15 pound)
6.classy white blouse (10 pound)
8.black blazer (30 pound)
9.ring (2 pound)
10.bag (25 pound)
total of 133 pound
it may seem much, but think about it! this complete outfit, clothes, bag, shoes and jewelery all for quite less!
in this outfit I've used some thing that you can watch for if you buy you're things

- don't have 133 pound? no worry, invest in jewelery! as you can see you have pretty earrings for only 2 pound. go for gold, silver or something with pearls, that will always look expensive.
- texts on a shirt or vest will make your clothing look cheaper. yeah i know that abercrombie t-shirts are not very cheep but still it doesnt give you that million dollar look.
- go for farly light pieces
- always ALWAYS AND I REAPET ALWAYS wear a dress or skirt, unless you have the shickest pantalon, but pantalons make you look old (sorry mom)

wel that's pretty much it. brands like H&M and RI have cheap things that will look good, you can ofcourse also combine a chanel coat with a abercrombie dress (that if you have more than 133 pound) an also good investment could be a chanel purse.
so once again, I'm sooooooo sorry that I haven't written for that long. I will write tommorow defenetly cause then I wont have any homework :D cus I'l be free from school, wich means PARTYYYYY
to much information sorry.
wel I love Y'al but now I am going to watch pretty little liars becouse a friend said its a good show.
so byeeeee

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