donderdag 9 mei 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier - Odyssey

Hi everyone! I'm back!
so today I want to tell you guys about the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition I went to yesterday.
It was a lot so I am doing this in more parts, each part wil cover one room of the exhibtion.
the Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier is now in the netherlands so I was super exited to go to it! and it was an amazing exhibition. there were a lot of pieces given to the exhibition from people like Madonna and Dita von teese

So the first room was called Odyssey, and well the name says it: it was mostly marine themed. there where a lot of beautifull mermaid dresses and detailded sailor suits. (and ofcourse the tipical jean paul stripe)

So this is the first dress I saw when I walked in. It has been designed for madonna as a part of Jean Paul's collection of virgins.
I just love the way he combined the lace with the metal plates and I think it kind of has this midieval look.

This is another dress he designed for madonna, However it has been worn by Marion Cotillard. I'm not a big fan of the front of the dress (wich is why I only shot photo's from the side) the neck is a little too much for my taste. but I do really like the sparkly glitters and the heart

So the next dress is almost like a bridal gown. At first it seemed a little boring. not really the shoking style whe were used to see from Jean Paul Gaultier.
But after taking some closer looks you can see all the little images on the bodice.
I think this dress has an amazing classic shape but it is not really renewing


So this dress was definitly one of my favourites! it is soooooo pretty, and every golden stitch has been hand sewed. (a total of 180 working hours) this dress definitly brings up the mermaid and ocean feel of the room.
My god! I reallly really really wish I had this dress!

This is another one of the madonna dresses, the shape is really classic and pretty. and it has been  covered with pictures. It does make the dress really original and creative

This dress is made mostly of jersy. and to be honest I absolutely hate jersy! defenitly dresses always look so cheap if they are made of jersy and most of the time it isn't really flattering either.
But I have to give it to jean paul, the bleeding heart is absolutly amazing!
and I could not imagine it made with anything else than jersy. 

Last (but definitly not least) this pretty mother of pearl bag. It just seems to have hopped out of titanic or (one of my favourite farytales) the little mermaid.
ghod it is just so pretty!!!

well those are all my opinions. I really hope you can visit the show! please watch if it will be in your country and go! that's all I can say
I've told you what I think about these dresses. I really would like to hear your opinion too.
wich one is your personal favourite?

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