vrijdag 19 april 2013

Broken computer :(

Hello dear bloggers,
I have a really sad message. A few hours ago I opened my laptop to post, but instead of the usual "welcome, please type your password" screen, all I got were orange and white stripes! I tried everything to make it come back to life, I called everyone I knew from the helpservice to some computernerds I know (no offence, I really like them) but nothing worked! And the worst part is that my laptop contained over a month of posts, looks and pictures! All gone now! :'(
I will try to find a solution for blogging, I can try to blog from my phone or maybe use my dad's Ipad. But all I know is that all my documents will be gone for good!
I am really sorry!
And becouse I'm an ethernal optimist, here are some happy pictures from my phone!
I love you all! I hope I can get back to blogging very soon!

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