zaterdag 6 juli 2013

Summer update (Camping packing tips)

Hey everyone
long time no see I know :$ but I was so busy with tests from school and when school had finally ended about a week ago I was overthrown with BBQ's, Parties and movies with friends who all wanted to celebrate.... well something. But anyway I'm back!! for about 3 days, then I'm off to Italy!!! YAY! can't wait! I'm going to try to update regularly and maybe make a vlog (but I'm not shure, vlogging isn't one of my strongest suits)

I don't like tents

So on Tuesday I will get on a plain to Milan, from there me and my family will rent a car and drive to the beautiful garde lake and the little old town caled Torbone (or Torbole or something like that) where my Camping advendure will begin. Now I've been Camping for ever since I can remember and when I got to an age where looks started to matter to me, I've found out that camping and looking good don't really go togheter. But for all of you who are stuck in a tent for the summer days and still want to look pretty presentable I've got some tips I've gathered over the years

1. If you have light coloured lashes like me, dye them. you won't have to wear mascara and will still have visible lashes! Plus, dyed lashes are of course waterproof and therefore stay on all day and night. however if you have dark lashes, dying your lashes will be completely useless since dying will only make them darker and not full or long or curled
Eyelash dye starter kit (local grocery store)

2. Dry shampoo! please bring it! we all know how gross those little camping showers can be and how fast your hairs suddenly becomes fat while on vacation. Dry shampoo is the solution! It will not only make your hair appear cleaner but will also give it a good smell and lots of volume.

3. Even tough I love summer dresses, don't forget to pack a pair of shorts. They can come in pretty handy if you decide to do round-off back handsprings on the grass

4. SHOES SHOES SHOES! pack as many of them as you can carry! I usually bring:
- a pair of leather (abercrombie) flip flops or sandals
- a pair of rubber flip flops for beaches and swimming
- a pair of converse all stars
- a pair of solid sneakers or hiking shoes
- a pair of sledge heels (for city's and parties)
And I usually wear all of them a lot

Backback (hollister)
5. Lucky for us the backpacks are all the rage again, I have some sort of bouhimian army leatherish kinda backpack but any backpack will be great for hiking and nature realeted things, however if you go to a city I would recommend bringing a simple handbag, mountain goats don't steal your money, pickpockets do.

BB cream (Clinique)

6. BB cream, thank you god for the invention of BB cream! it is so
amazing! and for those camping days it is definitely what you will need, a light coverage, SPF and it wont sweat off like foundation sometimes does

7. Just go with it, after a few days of camping pretty much everyone will be like, screw this! I'm just going to walk around looking like absolute crap. if your hair is messy, make it more messy and call it beachy waves. try to go with your natural beauty as much as you can and it will all be alright

well, those are just some tips i've got for you! please leave a comment with where you are going this summer and what your best camping beauty tip is!
I hope to see you soon!

P.S thank god for the great save system blogger has, while I was inserting my pictures my internet suddenly decided to shut down but luckily my post wasn't lost!

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