donderdag 22 augustus 2013

where to find inspiration + best inspirational website's

Hey everyone!
I am really sorry I have not posted in a long while! I've just not had the motivation and I did not feel like blogging.
But now I do so let's get to it!
Today I want to write a little about were I find My inspiration, since I've been really busy with finding inspiration lately.
So I am one of those people who says that inspiration is everywhere, but in some places I can find more inspiration than others
 So to get started I will give you my top 7 Inspirational website's, this is where I get most of my fashion, living and food inspiration

1. Etsy, this site is filled with cute handmade or vintage art, clothing and what more, the best place to find inspiration and buy cute one of a kind stuff
2. Weheartit The more creative version of instagram, less selfies and more high quality inspiration pics.
3. Anthropologie also happens to be my favourite clothing brand. super unique pieces and really cute and smart living ideas.
4. Teen vogue, really handy for teenagers. here you can find beauty, fashion and lifestyle inspiration and tips.
5. Lookbook is where everyone who is anyone in the fashion blogging world posts his/her looks. a great place to find inspiration or try to post some looks yourself
6. Flow is the website of a dutch magazine with all sorts of creative ideas, for my readers who can't read dutch: no worries, most of the articles are in english anyway and pictures don't have a particular language.

Besides those websites there are other ways to find inspiration
I find most of my fashion inspiration trough:
- Tv series; Pretty Little liars is my number one fashion series, (I like Spencers style the most) but I also get inspiration from series like: Gossip girl, the vampire diaries, The carry diaries, hellcats... pretty much everey CW series.
- Teen vogue, Vogue, Vogue UK, Vogue NL, Elle, and every other high fashion magazine you can come up with
- Catalogues of fashion brands, mostly expensive warehouses give out magazines
- websites of brands I like, most of them have a lookbook, like: Abercrombie, Anthropologie, Sam friday, Hollister, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger
- website's with vintage clothing
- On the street, I usually go sit in a bench next to the street in amsterdam and just peoplewatch :)

Other inspiration like inspiration for art and my room I find in:
- Books, this may sound strange but most books set a mood. this mood I can use in a moodboard and turn it into a great inspiration
- second hand and artsy website's
- Travel magazine's
- living magazine's
- walking trough the Ikea (if you are a european you will know what i mean)
- houses of friends and family
- houses of the kids I'm babysitting, or of my neighbours
- flow,  a dutch magazine

Please feel free to comment and share! I love you all!

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