zondag 25 augustus 2013

Room tour

Hi dear readers, Todays post is brought to you by me being to busy to actually making a real post, and finally finding out how to make a slideshow. So who wants to see my room (or at least the nice creative decent parts of it) I got most of my inspiration from this room from teen vogue and flow (for more details see My post about inspiration ) So I won't be able to tell you where I got my things, cause most of them are vintage, or homemade. So what do you think? if you've found it an inspiration please let me know in a comment. and please share this post with everyone you know! or just those who you feel like are worth sharing this with. I love you all for reading my posts. xxx p.s. so this was my first real post fully in HTML, which posts do you prefer? the HTML ones or the ready-made-by-blogger-ones? let me know in the comments below p.p.s. That rimed!

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