dinsdag 8 mei 2012

dear readers,
sorry I dont have time for a real message today, I've got hockeytraining, school, a test tommorow, a complete articele that has to be finished the day after tomorow, meeting friends...
I'm really, really sorry.
But dont get to sad, Instead of a long story I've posted some quick reviews about things that I really REALLY like, or hate.

1. Rituals makeup
I love it, Its like it's made for me.
I first baught it when I was 12 and my dad got a coupon worth of $50 on beautyproducts, so he figuerd that he wansnt going to buy male makeup and gave it to me. but sadly (I tought at first) i could only spend it on rituals (the makeup brands I was working with at that time were bove all max factor and loreal) so I spend $50 on makeup (rituals isnt much more expensive than max factor or loreal) and I fell in love, it is so great! I bought it again and again. bove all the waterproof mascara stands out, it doesnt go off onless you take it of with makeup remover.

 It gives  a really natuarel but really pretty effect, and the makeup is not bad for your skin at all! for everyone who doenst wants to look like a clown but wants perfectly fitted makup: here's you're deal!
+ perfect for every day
+ good for your skin
+ there are actual gems in it, how awesome is that?
+ not too expensive
- not so perfect for runways (for party's it will do)
here you can buy that lovely makeup

2. the secret to teen power

this book is my bible (I hope most of you remember what books are, before e-books they had this thing made out of paper with pages and letters on it)
seriously, I'm reading it now (okay I'm writing an article now but you know what I mean)
and it makes me feel so great!!!
the back may seem a little witchy and voodoo and stuff, but just read it and you will think that anything is possible (so now my revieuw sounds voodoo)
here you can buy this happy book (also availeble as e-book for those of you who forgot about books or simply want to safe the threes)

here you can find there official voodoo website :P

3. John frieda go blonder lightning spray

This spray is great if you want natural blonder hair, without completely chaning it, every time you spray it (an work with an curling or stratning iron) you're hare wil be a shade blonder, they say it only works for blondes, but I used to have red hair and now it is blond, YAY
NOTE. it doesnt work for brunnetes or people with black hair (seriously, my brown haird friend used it once, then used a straitning iron and now te part she irond is lighter, but also forever straght, she used to have curls)
ANOTHER NOTE. the entire John frieda collction is good.

here you can chek out the amazing blond spray

4. KOH nailcoat

so, yeah they have a lot of coulors, but there nailcoat is terrible, if you put on it wil stay on for exectly... 3 ours! isnt that swel? and thats where you spend your money on! so my advice, go for herome or chanel or any other nailcoat that is not trieng to fall of after you dried it and your nail scraches beside any article.
NOTE. the rest of there collection of nail products does work, it isnt brillaint but it works....
still want to buy this terrible nailcoat? here you go!

Well, thats how a quick revieuw turned out as an ever longer message than normal, sorry that i didn't do anything usefull with my time :$
if you dissagree on my opinion about the things i just revieuwd, just commens (dont be rude please?)
before you go, I was thinking about giving this (not so famous blog) a facebook page, but I have such less vieuws that is seems kinda useless.... I was thinking that at a 100 vieuws I'll make a facebook page? let me know if you would like a facebook page that shows quick stories, and thing that are on this blog.
dont forget to share on... wel you know what by now
Love all the 18 readers who have already red this blog
Love all the people who are going to
Love taylor swift

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