zondag 6 mei 2012

The roaring 20's

Dear readers,
Since my last (and first) message wasn't really jaw-dropping-eye-popping-head-turning-body-shokking-heart-pounding-ground-shaking-show-stopping-and-amazing (yes that's one word) I'me here making my first real intresting blog.
The last time I see a lot of 20's style coming by. "The great Gatsby" is all hot again, and you hear people on the street saying "that's so jake".
I know that everyone would really like to go to school in a pretty flapper girl dress, but I also know that I wouldn't dare to go to school in that dress, so how do you get dressed in the glitter and glamour of the roaring 20's without having to borrow you're great-grandmothers dress, or visiting a good costume shop?
I've put some tips and Pieces that bring back the glamour of the roaring 20's without being to overdressed.

1. go for a white 20's flapper dress shaped top, black skinny jeans and finish your look with expensive looking jewelery and shoes:

1. A&F top annabel,
2. A&F top Olivia
3. A&F top morgan
4. A&F top Kaela
5, 6 and 7: all vintage (check out your grandmothers closet or make them yourself, I'll make another message with who you can make 20's headbands)
big sparkly necklace
9. oversised diamond ring
10.rhinstone bracelet
11. "simple" golden necklace
12.very vintage looking clutch
13. glittery earings
14."grandmas" shoes
15.Glammer shoes
16. black levi's
17. pearl necklace

that where al the products, for more glammer jewelery check out: BCBGMAXZRIA

so that was one idea.
another good thing is that the new collection from ralph lauren is completely inspired by the 20's, a little to overdressed for school maybe but a good way to take the roaring 20's to our not-so-roaring 2012
click here for the online shopsite of ralph lauren

so that was it for today, I hope that you liked it. if there is anything that you want me to write about please comment! if you did like it, comment! if you didnt like it, comment!
ow yeah, i'm supposed to have a question for my dear readers that should have something incommen with the subject, so the question goes: in wich time you'd prefer to live? the 20's? 2012? or an completely other time? comment pleaase! and also of you have a request for a subject comment!
dont forget to share....
see you tommorow <3

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