maandag 7 mei 2012

Spring pastels in retro shapes

Dear readers,
Today is the second day that I'm writing and yes! I still write everyday (though that doesnt says much, since this is only the second day)
today I am going to talk about this springs supertrend: pastels.
Pastels are a trend that is popping up everywhere; on the runway, on the red carpet and also at school. So I've put the best pastel tips on a page for you:
- dont be afraid to mix, you can wear  sea-green jeans and a pastel pink coat.
- the second thing is that pastels go great with retro cute dresses (think Pan Am a very awesome serie)
So, Spring pastels plus Retro dresses, vests and skirts equels the cutest spring and summer outfits ever!
I've put some down here for you:

 stuff featured:
1.Lovely ice-cream jeans the ocean
3.yellow sundae
4.retro pink lemonade
6.that's how easy lace can be
7.he loves me... he loves me not... he loves me... is the new black
9.looking expensive in love
12.colour collection
13.if the flip-flop fits

I hope that is enough spring inspiring for you girls, These pieces defenetly bring the spring up in me so I'm going out for a picknick. before I go: any request? I was thinking to write about looking expensive in cheap clothing? don't forget to share of facebook, myspace, twitter, google+, talking ect.

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