woensdag 10 april 2013

My favourites

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to show you some of my all time favourite brands, products, songs, movies, shows, places, exhibitions and go on! so you will see a lot of things you can buy, read, watch, wear, smell ect.

1. wear vintage floral dresses

Floral dresses, in spring? you'll say. and yeah, I know it is not totaly refreshing, but who can resist a vintage flowery dress? Like this one from anthropologie, you can buy more floral dresses at stores like

Anthropologie the most gorgeous dresses, most of them are vintage styleish (a lá dianna agron in glee)

warehouse has pretty and well taylored dresses, really good for more petite girls (like me)

-free people is more of a hippie sort of shop, if you love the sweet little girly laid back style. (a lá: ashley tisdale in hellcats)

2. Buy rituals makeup
they say there makeup contains minerals and even gems. Something aniant farao's in egypt used to do too. but I wont bore you with a history class. This makeup is just great for everyone with fair skin, looking for some natural makeup. Their powders and foundations fit almost every skintone, and their mascara's give you about a thousand lashes and stays on all day!

Rituals makeup

3. Watch the great gatsby

For all of you who haven't red the book, or say you red it while you actually didn't....  or just red it in thought it was amazing (like me... nerd i know) anyway. this movie is a little like moulin rouge (with the surrealistic vieuws and random flashforwards and flahsbacks)

4. Go to the jean paul gaultier exhibition
the fashion world of Jean paul gaultier Features over 140 years old original creations of Jean Paul, from the early seventies till now, You can see things from  his prét á porter collection and Coutureworks. you can even see Pieces he made for Madonna and Pedro almodovar. this exhibition is (lucky for me) displayed in the rotterdam kunsthal!
Jean paul gaultier in Rotterdam

5. eat sushi
From the assambly line sushi at yo! sushi, to the more expensive version in japanese resteurants, this little in seaweed rolled fish and rice take over the world! it is one of those foods that taste amazing without the calories of a chocolate bar or a bag of chips!

Those are all my favourites for now, I have to get back to school... ugh :( But I hope you guys liked it! have a great (hopefully homeworkless) wensday!

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