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Hotspots in london

It can get quite stormy in London
I've been to London quite a few times and it is one of the most fun city's, definitly if your'e into shopping and fashion! It has basicly every store for every style! so here is a list of my must see's in London. Some of them as obvious as regent street and other hid away coffeeshops and cute little stores!

1. Regent street.
This amazing street as all sorts of shops, café's and restaurants And it is also a lot of fun to vieuw the people shopping (they usually have great style)
Regent streets' website

2. The Brittish museum
An amazing museum if you are into culture. If you are not into culture you should also visit it and have a High thea in the museum's resteurant. Like most of the museums in London, the Brittish museum is free
Brittish museum website

3. Westfield Shopping center
One of the biggest shopping centers in londen, and definitly the best one if you ask me. this Mall has everything a fashionisa needs to spend an entire day! (or more.) The mall has all sorts of fashion shops (from Couture to cheap streetwear.) a lot of cafés and places to eat, and a lot of stands for hair, makeup and nails. Westfield's website

4. Yo! Sushi
Sushi from an assembly line! This place has the most tasty sushi, and you can all get it from an assembly line. after you ate you get charched for the plates you used. (different colourd plates have differnt prices) a great place for every sushi lover! for their restaurants check out Yo! Sushi's website

5. Anthropologie Store 

The anthropologie store has the prettiest dresses and skirts, you can see them on quinn from glee a lot. I love their vintage nature-ish vibe and their stores are really a experience! for shops, go to: the anthropologie website

London is a great city to just walk around and experience a lot of things! You can have lunch in one of the many lunchrooms, or buy a sandwich and eat it in one of their parks. most museums are free, and you will have a great shopping experience. the only downside to London is that it (almost) always rains, so don't expect any heatwaves and bring an umbrella!
I hope you will go there :) 

Horseguards next to the royal palace

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