zondag 7 april 2013

Hotspots and Pictures Milan

Hi bloggers,
I've had a great sunday, and what better way to finish it with some blogging!
So, Milan! a great and sunny city with some amazing culture, food and ofcourse amazing shopping places!
Here are some of my fave hotspots I discouverd last summer in Milan.

1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
This wel known gallary is a must see for everyone in Milan. It has an amazing desig and has the best and most fashionable couture shops and glossy restaurants!

More information about the gallary, Click here!

2. La rinascente
The world's greatest shopping whalhalla! (or, second greatest after bloomingdales)
This store is really luxurious and has everything for the real shopper!
La rinascente's website

3. Via della Spiga
I mean, do I have to say more?

 For more Ideas, here are some pictures from other great places in milan!
Dior!! <3

The roof of the Galleria
All those shoes!

I hope you all get inspired and want to go to milan.
Have a great sunday (or a great 1 hour of sunday, if you live in the Netherlands)
I love you all!

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