woensdag 3 april 2013

How to dress down a dress

Hi gys and girls.... mostly girls I guess :D
How are y'all today?
I'm having a great start at spring! it has been sunny for over a week now (almost a record time in the Netherlands!!! Alert the media!) so this is a great upportunity to talk about skirts and dresses!
In the netherlands whe have something and it's called "rokjesdag" (littarly translated: skirtsday.)
"rokjesdag" is the first day of the year when it is sunny and warm and for some reason a lot of women decide to put on a dress or skirt that day. So with the weather being what it is, "rokjesdag" is around the corner.
However, most of us have school and are worried a skirt or dress is too dressy for school. Wich is SO NOT TRUE!
I mean I'm not saying you should wear a ballgown for school, but skirts and dresses can be just as casual as jeans. as long as you know what to pair it with!
so here are some ways to wear your skirts or dresses without making it too overdressed:

Pair a pencil skirt with a big comfy sweater or other oversised knitwear with a short lace skirt. to finish it all of: slip into a pair of nude heels and grap a basic brown leather bag.

1. Knitted sweater
2. Brown fossil bag
3. Nude heel
4. lace skirt

Time to steal your boyfriends shirts!!!! this is a trend I saw a lot in istanbul, basicly you just put on an oversized shirt then give it some shape with a belt and finish of with some edgy boots! no worry if the shirt is too short, just ad a simple back skirt!

1. studded belt
2. artsy belt
3. funky boots
4. my boyfriends ralph lauren shirt <3
5. little basic black skirt

a denim jacket is a great way to make under a classy dress. BUT make shure the jacket is tailord really wel! warehouse has great tailord jackets (and dresses too) for really smal people like me :)
( warehouse.com )

1. Anthropologie dress
2. light denim jacket
3. Cutest flats ever!

so for today I also made my own downdressed skirt look!
So, I matched a lace skirt with a denim jacket and a flowerish scarf, I added converse shoes instead of heels cause I felt they made the look a little less adult and a little more playfull
I hope you have a great spring! thanks for stopping by my blog! for more looks please check out my lookbook
If you have any suggestions, or anything else to say feel welcome to leave a comment!
byee xxxxx

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