vrijdag 5 april 2013

The intern diaries

hello sweet bloggers and blogreaders, I hope you all have had a great friday so far :)
about a month ago I had an internship (most schools in the Netherlands want every student to do an internship, since it "helps you prepare for you're future") 
So I, being obsessd with fashion and style desperatly wanted a fashion internship. and believe me, it is really hard to find a fashion buisniss that takes interns for only one week. but luckely I could do my internship at a really cute DIY fashion magazine called "knipmode" (translated: sewing fashion)
I had an amazing week. I had to work quite hard and learnt a lot. 
here are some photo's from my internship

"het stoffenhok" the place were they kept all the fabrics

Being an intern
Being a fashion intern is definitly really hard work, The compagny were I did my internship was quite small and therefore I really got to know everyone within the week. I really liked being in a small compagny becouse you got to do a lot of different jobs.

For more information about the magazine, or to just look into it or order one of their patterns click here!

I would reccomend everyone who is looking for a Future in the fasion Internship to do an internship in fashion. You gain a lot of experience and it looks great on you're resume or college aplication!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great friday and have fun tonight
Byee xxx

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