vrijdag 12 april 2013

Twinkle twinkle little star....

Hello everyone,
I'm sorry but don't have that much time, I have a cheer preformance and my friend is coming over for dinner. But becouse I love all of you my readers soo much I'm just doing a quick post!
Sooo hooray! it is friday!!!! and what better way to end friday then with a party? You know those fancy dinner partys you go to when it is someone's birthday, and you barely know them but want to go becouse you get to wear a cool dress or skirt? well, I do! and so I've put together a look for a party just like that!
I hope you'll like it!

Soo, as you can see I combined my lace skirt with a tailord jacked an burgondy red sweater, the skirt and sweater are from abercrombie. the jacket is from mango.

I'm so sorry I uploaded this so late, I just got back from my cheer preformance. (it took a little longer than planned) But I hope you like it!
before I stop I have a last question: I noticed that more than 60 percent of my vieuwers is from the netherlands, should I post more (or all my) blogs in dutch? or would you rather had it stayed in english?
please leave a comment, I'd really like to know you're oppinion!
I love you all

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