maandag 8 april 2013

Vintage varsity wear

hello dear bloggers!
So, If you know me, you know I am a cheerleader. And I am OBSESSED with everything cheer related (I think it is pretty safe to say every cheerleader is)
And this is excatly why I am in love with this new trend I've spotted!
Vintage varsity wear! You know what I mean? those big sweathers with embroired megaphone... Still no? think sandy in grease :)
So for those of you who are intrested in this new superstylish yet comfy trend, I've put together some of the best vintage Sportssweaters, and all things that go with it.

 You can mix and match these vintage sweaters with almost everything, From exteremly vintage wide over the knee skirts, to really tight jeans. still I would recommend staying away from really loose jeans or slobby pants. for those of you who really have the guts: put a big bow on you're head!

1.Pink striped Cardigain
2. CheerBow
3.Chiefs! jacket
4.Give me a H! sweater
5.Burgondy sweater with a hood
6.Pom girl sweater

Do you really want an original? take a look at website's like ebay and etsy!
for those of you who really want to see it, a couple of photo's of my cheerleading clothes and stunts!


So........ yeah, for all of those of you who wonder, I cheer at dutch lions cheerleading :)
Before I go, I have one very important thing I have to say:
It is the blog of my best friend, She posts all sorts of deep story's and they are really amazing and touching and I think everyone can relate to them!
she's an amazing girl and really new on blogger so please go check her out!
thank you so much, If  you have any note's or questions, please leave a comment!
I love all my readers, I wish you a really great monday!

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